Current Employment or Volunteering Opportunities

JOB OFFER - FULL TIME POSITION:  The Archdiocese of Moncton is seeking candidates to fill the position of janitor and general maintenance officer at the Cathedral. The candidates must be proficient in both English and French.  Interested candidates may submit their resume to the Moncton Archdiocese Reception Office, Attention: Financial Administrator, by March1st, 2019.  A job description is available by email:

Volunteering gives hope; only a few hours / month! "Second Chance Workshop" a non-profit agency, restores and sells used items to help unemployed people increase their chances of re-entering the labor market. Every person who becomes self-sufficient, thanks to this organization, succeeds! Come visit! We will find you pleasant tasks. Jesus says in the Our Father "Thy kingdom come ..." It is now for us to act to advance his reign! Enviro Plus - 315 Baig Blvd, Moncton - 853-7722.