2-3 fév: Offre d'un livre gratuit - The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

Publié le : 2019-01-12 a 00h00 | Catégorie : Diocèse

Message from Fr. Charlie from​ Holy Family / Holy Ghost / St. Jude's / Immaculate Heart of Mary Churches

 At the Masses of February 2nd and 3rd, we will make available copies of Matthew Kelly’s book, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity.  Like Matthew’s other books, it is an easy read but still contains material that will contribute to our spiritual growth. Here are some comments others have made about this book (quoted on the back cover of the book).
“I’d never heard of Matthew Kelly. His words and ideas are so clear, practical, and hopeful. I’m so glad I discovered him.”        Steven Rogers – Amarillo, Texas
“Sometimes a book is just the right book at just the right time.  For modern Christians, this is that book.”              Peter Freissle – Spartanburg, South Carolina

A number of copies will be at the entrance of each of the churches on February 2nd and 3rd.   They are free; we ask only that if you take one, you will read it.