The Cursillo movement’s objective is "to experience in the span of two or three days Christ’s fundamental teaching : the love of self, the love of the neighbour and the love of God". Since its inception in the diocese of Moncton in 1979, more than 3,000 persons have participated in Cursillo. 

The movement aims to form cells of Christians who are committed to spread the spirit of the Gospel in their surroundings. It strives to help participants discover our richness while having the greatest respect for each and everyone.

The Cursillo movement is made up of lay persons, religious, priests and bishops.

Many "Cursillistas" (those who have participated in a Cursillo) meet on a weekly basis to deepen and sustain their faith to fulfil the mission of the Church.  There is also an annual weekend session. 

Through living and concrete testimonies, Cursillo teaches the central message from Scripture: it’s the Gospel applied to the life of an adult.

Let us not forget the words Pope John-Paul II said in 2000: “The smallest grain sowed in Spain, some fifty years ago, has become a tall tree filled with the fruit of the Spirit”.  Decolores! 

There is currently no English-speaking Cursillo movement within the Archdiocese of Moncton.  Find the closest English-speaking movement by visiting the website for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Cursillos